Personal Training Services

Weight Loss

Many clients come to us asking for help with weight loss. Perhaps you have a lot of weight to lose, or maybe you are down to those pesky final few lbs. It doesn’t matter to us. We can help you reach your goal. Read more…

Muscle Building

Personal Training For Building Lean Muscle

Male and female clients who are serious about building muscle mass come to us for advanced training and nutrition methods which build muscle and strip fat. We have the training and experience needed to guide anyone towards their muscle building goals. Read more…

Boxing Fitness

Boxing Fitness

Boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts) training can be a great addition to your exercise routine. Suitable for both men and women, it is non contact, safe but hugely effective. It develops a lean, fit, strong physique and leaves you full of energy and endorphins. Read more…

Kettlebell Training

Kettle Bell Training

Kettlebells are a phenomenally effective training tool. They help cut training time, burning a huge amount of calories, building strength and helping posture.  If you’ve never held a kettlebell before, don’t worry: We will coach you in good technique and supply you with the correct weight of bell. Read more…

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