Are you a next week person or a JFDI person?

Seriously, JFDI

What kind of person are you when it comes to starting a new fitness regime? Do you consistently put it off until next week? Do you find yourself thinking “I’ll start on Monday, it’s a new week”? If this is you then you need to get to grips with adopting the JFDI approach!

A few years ago, on a plane on the way to Croatia, I started talking to the chap next to us. He turned out to be an interesting guy that had started his own online business and was travelling the world whilst he was earning a shed load of cash, without doing much work at all! Nice! When we were just finishing up the conversation, he praised his old teacher for telling him that whenever he was procrastinating on anything, he needed to just think JFDI! Just f***ing do it! This was only a passing conversation with a guy on a plane but one that has definitely had a great effect on me.

You can apply JFDI to anything positive in life, whether it be doing an essay at uni, getting the washing up done, or in our case here, starting your new workout! Starting a new routine can be challenging for some and putting it off until next week is only going to make it harder. When you do this you instil into your psyche that this obstacle, exercise, is something to be feared and therefore put off as long as possible. By doing this you seem to think that your life in this moment is somewhat easier and less hassle. The major issue with this is that you are not only delaying the possibility of results you are also lining yourself up for an even bigger challenge on Monday morning when you really do now have to put you body through this workout, but now with extra days of built up angst!

JFDI and get fitter sooner!

If you can find it within yourself to adopt the JFDI mentality that I did after speaking to the chap on the plane you can make it all so much easier on yourself, and you also get so much more done. Now I can hear some of you thinking, “I do have that approach when it comes to business but I just don’t have the time to be able to think like that about exercise too”. Plan one hour into your schedule and JFDI! Out of the 168 hours in the week you can make room for at least 2 of those to be a solid progressive routine. That still leaves 166 hours to get on with everything else. Everyone should aim for an absolute minimum of 2 hours of some kind of weights and cardio.

The other main reason why continuing to be a next week person is majorly detrimental to your fitness, is that if you miss that Monday’s session you could find yourself on the following days thinking “damn I haven’t started yet, I’ll definitely start next Monday”. And so it goes on. I know so many people like this and have seen every time that starting up actually gets harder each week you put it off. With many this keeps happening until you actually start to forget about it for a while when weeks or even months can pass by being completely sedentary. Needless to say this is not good for your chances of reaching those fitness goals or losing those extra few pounds of fat.

When ever you find that you are saying to yourself “I just don’t feel like training today” say it in your head, JFDI. Say it multiple times if you have to but JFDI!

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