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After fracturing my ankle in 2010, I put on weight after seven months of little exercise and an increased reliance on my car. I began to notice that certain items of clothing no longer fit and that overall, I felt heavier and at one point weighed a massive 256 pounds. As you can imagine, I started to despise the way I looked to the point of avoiding looking in mirrors and being caught in photographs. This mentality, coupled with my added weight, was not healthy and by Christmas I knew something had to change. Therefore with the New Year just around the corner, I decided that I would lose weight and get healthy.

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions and losing weight as a goal for a New Year might sound cliché, but it felt right for me because of how disconnected I felt with my body. I knew that to achieve the changes I wanted to see, I had to take real action, but I didn’t like the idea of joining a gym: nor was I keen on starting a diet plan whereby every meal was either a shake in a can or something that resembled an airplane meal. I knew I wanted a personal trainer, but I needed one that would accommodate my hectic lifestyle and my desire to get fit without having to join a gym.

When I discovered Reboot Personal Training, I felt confident that I was going to reach my goals. Mack Parnell’s company offers a personalised service that includes bringing the gym right into your home. As my personal trainer, Mack has tailored a work out and diet programme that evolved as I reached certain goals and that adapted to what was going on in my life. Since starting the programme, I have lost 47 pounds (A little over 3 stones). Whilst this has been achieved through hard work and Mack’s assistance, it has been amazing that I have been able to achieve this amidst moving home, beginning a Masters degree and starting a new job.

Throughout this process I’ve learnt that weight loss and getting in shape might be hard at times, but it is by no means impossible. Mack’s programme demonstrates that with a few changes in behaviour, exercise and food consumption, you can see a huge difference in the long run. I also think that by having Reboot Personal Training come into my home with all their equipment, has given me the confidence to really push myself during training sessions. Working out at a gym in the past has made me feel self-conscious and when I feel that way, I always lose focus on the task at hand, now I could look the way I wanted and use the clothing I always wanted, I even got some accessories from The Fifth Collection to combine with these. Having a personal trainer come to my home takes away the distractions of the gym and it also means that I can have my choice of music blasting at whatever volume I want as I workout!

I still have more weight to lose in 2012, but I have no doubt that I will achieve it thanks to what Mack Parnell has done so far. I would recommend Reboot personal training to anyone who wants to change the way they look and feel better about their health. The programme works and it’s going to be the reason why I lose a further 20 pounds in the New Year!

Ashley Ball (North East London)
Having been going to the gym for the last few years and realising that it just wasn’t helping me loose the excess weight, I decided to use a personal trainer.

Welcome Mack!
With his extreme knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation, I have been able to achieve goal after goal. Each week he uses a variety of training programmes that suit my weight and build. After almost 14 sessions my body shape has changed and my fitness levels have improved beyond recognition. As a result I have now been able to take away his designed programmes to the local gym, and make them part of my weekly fitness routine. Yey!!
Thank You!

Nisha Patel (Southgate, North London)
At 43 years old I was overweight, unfit and had high cholesterol. With Mack’s expert help and motivation, 9 months later I am at my ideal weight, feel fit and healthy, and my cholesterol levels have reduced by 20%. I am sure I could not have achieved this on my own, and I would recommend Mack to anyone.
Andy (Highbury N5)

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