Reboot Personal Training Pricing Structure

Reboot Personal Training offers first class training with a competitive pricing structure to accommodate most budgets. The initial consultation is free and within this session we will also take time to discuss your budget and how we can best work together to enable you to reach your goal.  Our personal training prices are no different whether you want to train on your own or with a friend or partner.

Personal Training Prices

Initial Consultation

  • 45min session
  • Total – £0

Taster Session

£5500 per hour
  • 1 Session
  • Total – £55

Bulk Booking

£5000per hour
  • 10 Sessions
  • Total – £500

Nutritionst Prices

Initial Consultation

  • 30min session
  • Total – £0

Basic Advice

£5000 per hour
  • 2hr Session
  • Total – £100

Full Diet Analysis

£5000per hour
  • 2x 1hr sessions plus analysis
  • Total – £200

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