Personal Training Studio Walthamstow

If you are local to Waltham Forest and would prefer to train away from home, our private personal training studio in Walthamstow is for you. All our equipment is of the highest quality and includes, a half rack for squats, bench press and pull ups, a cable machine and a Concept 2 rowing machine. We have a vast array of kettlebells, dumbells, barbells, medicine balls and attachments for TRX. Whether you are complete beginner or want to do seriously heavy olympic lifting, this studio is ready for you.

There is enough room to train 2 people at once whilst remaining safe and effective, the space is completely private and for the sole use of Reboot Personal Training. You will therefore have completely uninterrupted workouts whilst using top quality gym equipment with guidance from one of London’s leading Personal trainers.

Training in the studio has one slight advantage over our home personal training service. The studio is better equipped to cope with the heavier type of training such as power lifting exercises like bench press and squats. The space is also very suited to cope with olympic weightlifting as it has a very solid floor in which to drop the weights if need be (something most people would not want to do on there own living room floors). This does not mean that the studio is only for the heavy stuff, only that if you definitely want to go heavy than coming to us may be a better choice.

If you would prefer to train at home or in a park near you please click here to check out our mobile personal training page.

Squat Rack - Personal Training Studio Walthamstow

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