Nutritionist Services

As a degree qualified nutritionist and weight management specialist, I have years of experience in helping clients use nutrition to meet their goals. Whether that’s weight loss, lowering body fat, combating illness or injury or becoming healthier in general, I work with them to undo poor eating habits and put better ones into place. I will always explain any suggestion I make, educating you in nutrition and giving you the skills to make your own great eating choices for life.

Tailored nutrition advice

I will talk with you about your lifestyle, your approach to food shopping and preparation and any issues you have with food. The solution I’ll suggest will be sensible and gradual, and it will get results. I don’t cut out entire food groups or rely on supplements. I won’t suggest anything you can’t cook and prepare with minimal effort. I understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to spend hours in the kitchen. I’ll ask you to keep simple food diaries which will help me identify the strengths and weaknesses in your diet. After just a few weeks of some small changes, the results will show in your shape and weight, but also in your skin, your mood and your energy levels. Let me show you how great you can feel if you fuel your body correctly!

Nutritionist Walthamstow North East London

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates
Nutritionst Services

Eating well for a healthier you

Understanding how to make better food choices will result in your energy and health going up and any excess weight going down. It’s all very well exercising regularly but, unless you’re putting the right kind of food into your body, your efforts could be largely wasted. Finding the right nutrition plan for you will help you achieve that final stage of weight loss or body recomposition and make all your efforts in the gym worthwhile.

I will explain how a low GI (Glycaemic Index) approach to nutrition and health can help. By looking at the types of carbohydrates you eat, we can boost your mood and energy levels, giving you more energy for work, family life and exercise. If you train regularly, I will make sure you are taking in the correct types of food both before and during your workouts, to maximise the hard work you are putting in.

A real food diet

Eating foods that are still in their whole food form that have not been modified in any way is always the best course of action to improve your health and body composition. By avoiding foods that are processed it becomes much easier to know exactly what you are eating and to regain control of your energy balance.